Thermodo Thermometer for Your iPhone

It is a case of valuing negative criticisms. Danish startup Robocat has developed several apps for iOS, including a free thermometer app called Thermo that tells how hot or cold it is outside your home. While it enjoyed relative success with over two million downloads and hundreds of thousands of daily active users, the app […]

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Lonely Eater No More Heres a Ramen Bowl with iPhone Dock

Eating out on your own is a torture, especially if you view eating as a social activity. And if you live on your own, chances are you spend your dinner while watching television or looking at your smartphone because you want that “sense” of interaction. But those lonely dinners may just become more comforting. Japan-based […]

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Apple Revenue iPhone Sales Fall Short Last Quarter

Reuters has reported that Apple missed Wall Street’s revenue forecast for the third straight quarter, mainly because iPhone sales were lower than expected. This news made investors worried about Apple’s dominance in the mobile industry, as its shares fell 10 percent closing at $ 463. That was equivalent to a market value loss of around […]

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