Apple Pulls Out Photo App Due to Easy Access to Nude Photos

Tech journalists were up in arms over the report that Apple pulled out 500px, which Gizmodo called “one of the best iPad apps for finding great pictures,” from its App Store over claim that the app makes it too easy to look for photos that feature nudity.

The Toronto-based developers of 500px were notified of the issue when it tried to have an update of the iOS app approved on the App Store. Apple informed them that the update could not be approved because users can easily search for nude photos within the app. The developers claim that was not the case, as the app’s search engine is “safe” by default. Also, they added that users who would rather look for photos that are less than family-friendly would have to log in to the 500px website to edit that setting.

However, Apple’s official statement paints a wicked picture of 500px, saying that the app was removed from its App Store for “featuring pornographic images and material, a clear violation of our guidelines.” Apple also claims that it has received complaints from customers about “possible child pornography.”

While Apple’s no-pornography stance is understandable, supporters of 500px say the app is not a “cesspool for hardcore pornography.”

“The pictures that you come across in 500px are more artistic than anything you can find on the Internet,” defends Casey Chan of Gizmodo. “It’s one of the most elegant photo apps on iOS and Apple kicked it out of the App Store because of a couple of boobies. Nice.”

Source: TechCrunch, via Gizmodo
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